The new Veleno® Original Aluminum Guitar


The new all aluminum Veleno® Original guitar appears much the same as the older model except with some improvements.  One visible change is that we are now using the Schaller 3 way adjustable bridge and Seymour Duncan pickups.  Still with a clear plexiglass pickguard.  Still the incredible to play guitar it has always been.  Well known for being the utmost in studio guitars.  Other than that its appearance has not changed much.  However, it has internal changes for a much better weight distribution factor.  The new Veleno® Originals come with a Certificate of Authenticity, complete with description of the instrument and a non-duplicating method of recognition.  In this way every instrument is identifiable as being a true Veleno® guitar.  The new Original is retail priced at $8,995.  If there is no authorized dealer covering your area you can purchase direct at a discount.  

For further information  E-mail  us and leave your name, address, and phone number or call our order line at 727-526-8656.  Deposit required to order.

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