The Veleno Ankh Guitar

One of mankind's most ancient symbols is the Egyptian ankh. It's definition is "The Perpetuation of Life".   John Veleno made two Ankh guitars in 1976 and was notified in 2001 that they were lost in a warehouse fire in 1985.   John feels it is fitting to bring his "Perpetuation of Life" Veleno Ankh guitar back at this time.  It is a limited edition guitar.  The Veleno Ankh has a chrome plated aluminum body and an Almag 535 polished aluminum neck to a chrome appearance.  This instrument is quite improved over the first two from 1976 and is now surprisingly well balanced for it's unusual shape.  The action is incredible with great sustain and a full tone range utilizing two Seymour Duncan pickups.  It has incorporated a three way adjustable Schaller bridge and Schaller machine heads.  All guitars made by the Veleno family have a "fingerprint", an identifying mark individual to each guitar, for true identification and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity detailing the accompanying instrument. 

At this time we are offering only this model.  Veleno Originals and Veleno Travelers are following.

To order please email your name, address, and telephone number and questions regarding your order. 

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