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Creation of the Veleno® Guitar Part I

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Veleno® is a registered trade name for manufacturing guitars and related musical products. 

Please note that Veleno® Guitar Company, nor John Veleno, ever made a prototype guitar, or a guitar without a serial number.  There have been guitars advertised as prototype Veleno® guitars which do not have serial numbers.

No guitar makers other than Veleno® Instrument Company have permission to use the name Veleno® for selling items labeled as Veleno® guitars or components. 

Recently there have been guitars for sale on the internet and other places, some unknown to us, that have been using the name Veleno® in their pursuit for illegal gain.  Please know that no one has been approved to use our family name, Veleno, which has been made famous in the guitar world by John Veleno through his revolutionary ingenious aluminum guitar making starting in the late 1960's.  

Some Veleno® guitar owners have applied to have Veleno® Guitar Company verify and confirm their Veleno® guitar as being an authentic genuine Veleno® guitar, and these are personally autographed.

At this time there are counterfeit guitars fraudulently advertised as being a Veleno® guitar or having Veleno® guitar parts. 

Our new Veleno® all aluminum guitars are currently being shipped.  Hearing and seeing is believing.  Our guitars play and sound incredible.  Veleno® Instrument Company is growing.  We are a strictly a family owned and operated business.  Our new guitars include a Certificate of Authenticity including a description of the instrument and certain features.  Although having the same outward appearance, each Veleno® guitar is unique and different, including personalized identification marks.  Each instrument's identifying features are documented and kept in three separate locations by the Veleno family.  

Please know that is THE ONLY website associated with the true Veleno® guitar makers.  There are NO OTHER WEBSITES and NO OTHER PERSONS  affiliated with or connected with Veleno® Instrument Company given any manufacturing rights for making, repairing, or associated in the verification of Veleno® guitars in any way whatsoever.  No one has been authorized to represent us or to conduct any of our business affairs in the distribution of or in record keeping.   

Registering a Veleno® product with another source can lead to confusion and counterfeiting of guitars, repairs and parts not made by the originators, John Veleno and Veleno Instrument Company.  Other people involved in these actions in their quest for undue monies are doing so completely on their own.   Actions of this sort are foolish.  

For vintage Veleno guitar owners:  

1)    Repairs and/or refurbishing for vintage Veleno® guitars.  For further information:

E-mail us

2)    Have your Veleno® guitar verified as being authentic and original by the Original builders, John Veleno and Veleno® Instrument Company.  Due to the rising value of Veleno® guitars it has been brought to our attention that it is highly possible there may be a few guitars made and sold under the guise of being a genuine Veleno® guitar that were not made by John Veleno or Veleno Instrument Company.  Those instruments are counterfeit Veleno® guitars fraudulently sold to innocent recipients unaware of those circumstances.  

3)    For your protection, John and other biological descendants can positively identify and verify whether or not your guitar is an authentic original Veleno®.  For only the cost of shipping and handling - inspection and identification will be done free of charge for all alleged Veleno® guitars.  We feel that nearly all Veleno® guitars at the present time are truly authentic.  A Certificate of Authenticity will be awarded to authentically identified Veleno guitars free of charge, only pay for shipping.  Each instrument is given a confidential identification mark  Each instrument's identifying features are documented and kept in three separate locations by members of the Veleno family.   

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