Public Notice for Veleno® Instrument Company

Veleno® Instrument Company is hereby giving Public Notice to all and any concerned using the Veleno® name when referring to musical instrument products bearing the Veleno® name.  This includes all musical instrument dealers, distributors, and/or other type of business dealing with musical instruments in any way including news articles, and all other written articles when referring to Veleno® Instruments.  The name Veleno® is a registered trade name solely for the use by Veleno® Instrument Company.  

Rights and permission to use the Veleno® name in conjunction with musical products in any way, whatsoever, concerning Veleno® musical instruments are only given by Veleno® Instrument Company.

It is required of everyone dealing in musical instruments, whether new or used, and/or anyone writing articles referring to Veleno® Musical Instruments is hereby notified that when using the name Veleno® it is necessary that the ® symbol (signifying that the Veleno name is a legally registered trade name) be used with the Veleno® name in all literature and advertising

No permission is granted to anyone to use the name Veleno® when dealing with, advertising, or written articles concerning Veleno® products without including the ® symbol.

At this time there are no authorized musical instrument dealers or distributors for or representing Veleno® Instrument Company.  

Anyone wanting to purchase a Veleno® guitar may purchase direct from Veleno® Instrument Company at a substantial discount.  Everyone will receive one of our unique fingerprinted Certificate of Authenticity which would apply only to that particular instrument. 


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